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Walk a mile in their shoes and witness first hand the struggles people with a disability face on a daily basis. Nick George, a oung man with Asperger's syndrome, shares his experiences. Tony Bartoli lives with cerebral palsy. Bullied as a youth and constantly pushed down emotionally and physically, he found strength in the people who stood up for him and faced the bullies. Now as an adult, Tony tours internationally giving motivational speeches and showing how he found optimism while battling an ever worsening condition. Featured experts examine the warning signs for the parents that suspect their child might be bullied. Abuse does not always come from classmates or other students. To his horror, Stuart discovered that his son Akian, an elementary school student with autism, was repeatedly bullied by a eacher and aide. Conny Dahn, a special needs teacher, describes her experience turning around the culture of bullying in her daughter's school.

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