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Cars have changed the way we live, love, work, eat, play, and rock & roll. The stories of these remarkable machines and the people who created them are a fascinating chapter in American pop history. A fast-paced cruise across the decades in an American Classic!

Thunderbird - In 1954, the T-Bird soared from the start above competitors, with an appeal both sporty and glamorous. Inspired by the Jaguar XK120, Frank Hershey's design team attacked the heart of the Corvette with a performance car that cost less, with higher performance--sporting a steel body, powered seats, and a larger V8 engine. Its initial halo effect extended to the whole Ford line, and it endured and adapted in many incarnations before being retired in 1997. In 2001, the resurrected T-Bird took flight once again, this time with a stylistic homage to its roots as a classic two-seat coupe.

Mustang - A thoroughbred from the starting gates, the Mustang won the hearts and minds of the 1960s youth culture. Peppered with interviews by Ford product and design vets including Joe Oros, Don Frey, and racing legend Carroll Shelby, this program features highlights of four decades of the legendary car that sported "more ponies under the hood." The Mustang's broad appeal transcends generations, and its 2005 design revamp recalls the '64 classic.

Cobra - After dominating the racing world, Carroll Shelby made car design history with Ford. Featuring exclusive interviews with Shelby, the program details how the legend took an AC body, a Ford V8 and forever changed history. Leaving rival Corvettes in the dust, Cobra's venom found its strength in Shelby's insight into performance egineering. His Cobras would grow to become prized collector's items fetching millions at auction.

GT 40 - Henry Ford II aimed to beat Ferrari in the race at LeMans "whatever the cost," a relentless $1 billion quest. Here, Carroll Shelby tells the tale of how the Ford GT-40 tested his machine-making mettle. Fading into history, the beloved GT-40 was revived just in time to mark Ford's 100th year.

Model T - The "Tin Lizzie" fueled the epic American success story of Henry Ford's dream company founded on "a car for the common man."

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