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Cars have changed the way we live, love, work, eat, play, and rock & roll. The stories of these remarkable machines and the people who created them are a fascinating chapter in American pop history. A fast-paced cruise across the decades in an American Classic!

Corvette - The 1953 Corvette quenched the thirst of post-Korean War consumers for the first quintessential "American sports car." Aiming to outdo the haute Euro design of the MG and Jaguar, Chevy Design VP Harley Earl found his inspiration in fiberglass speedboats of the Great Lakes. Corvette's design team used the malleable new material to create never-before-possible lines and curves. The result turned heads: the pearl-white roadster with fire red interior, rocketship taillights, and a jet-inspired cockpit. By the late 50s, models topped 150 MPH, making it the performance leader of American sports cars.

The Corvette's sporty image was shored up by Sting Ray and continued future-forward design updates spanning its five decade history as one of the world's sleekest high performance machines. Generations have fallen in love with their Corvettes and this program details that decades-long affair.

Chevrolet (1955-57) - In 1955, Chevrolet's "Hot One" burst on the scene with a flurry of fins and chrome. Though a masterpiece of design, the car's big news was the ferocious small block V8. These models transformed Chevy's old, stodgy image to one of youth, speed, and vigor, trumping American rivals Ford and Chrysler. Decades after the "Mighty Mouse" made its mark on Detroit, the heart of this legendary engine can still be felt in millions of race cars, boats, fork lifts, and, of course, Chevrolets.Featuring footage of the annual Woodward Dream Cruise event, this program asks experts and enthusiasts alike about the lasting impact of the "Hot One" and its signature V8.

Chevrolet Bonus Features: Biography of a Sports Car; Chevrolet Thunder: The Marque of Monterey Corvette Prep for Sebring Corvette at Sebring Race Day Camaro Design.

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