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Cars have changed the way we live, love, work, eat, play, and rock & roll. The stories of these remarkable machines and the people who created them are a fascinating chapter in American pop history. A fast-paced cruise across the decades in an American Classic!

Buick - When charismatic horse carriage builder Billy Durant was tapped to help David Buick's struggling auto company, few could have predicted his savvy in growing the company. Through acquisition and reinvestment, he added Oldsmobile, then Cadillac, and the predecessor of Pontiac to create the worlds largest corporation, General Motors.

Flourishing after WWII, Buick followed Harley Earl's contention that bigger, newer, bolder was better and the public loved it. Sales continued to climb and signature car models Roadmaster, Century, LaSabre, and the sleek Riviera cemented the automakers place in creating modern classics.

Oldsmobile Special Feature - This feature shows "The Lady and the Rocket," and is a light hearted introduction to the 1949 Olds V8.

GTO - By the mid 1950s, Pontiac was tagged with the stigma of being reliable, but dull. To energize consumers, it needed something fast, affordable, and good looking--a car to appeal to the youth market. If anybody could make "grandma into a teenager," it was design visionary John DeLorean. Stuffing the largest engine into the smallest chassis, his design team created the ultimate muscle car, and DeLorean's star rose as a result. On American streets like Detroit's Woodward Avenue, the GTO dragster was the cruising machine for teens and propelled sales for a decade. In 2004, the car was resurrected, to the delight of new buyers as well as GTO devotees.

Cadillac - While Henry Ford staked his dream company cars for everyman, Henry Leland set out to create cars for the rich--combining luxury and speed. A luxury brand for the ages, Cadillac recently enjoyed a youth market renaissance via models like the Escalade.

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