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Finding My Magic is a children's rights education program designed to teach students about their rights and responsibilities. Inspired by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and Save the Children Australia, Finding My Magic was created by psychologist Eve Ash.

The episodes in the series are:
  • Episode 1 - Let's Be Fair: When Vin is treated unfairly because of his beginners English, the children learn the right to be treated fairly (7 min)
  • Episode 2 - Listen to Me: Catherine finds a way to have her idea heard and learns about the right for children to be listened to by adults (5 min)
  • Episode 3 - That's Private: Tom is angry when Kate reads his diary. The children learn abou the right to have their privacy respected. (4 min)
  • Episode 4 - Don't Bully Me: Tom is bullied by Morko, but asks for help and they all learn about the right to be proteted from harm. (5 min)
  • Episode 5 - Be At School: Kate looks after her younger brothers while her mother works, but soon learns about the right to education. (4 min)
  • Episode 6 - What's Best For Me: Tom is angry when his father insists he do tutoring instead of soccer, but learns that adults can decide what's best. (5 min)
  • Episode 7 - Let's Be Healthy: Kate sees the dentist with a bad toothache and learns about regular dental care and healthy eating. (5 min)
  • Episode 8: My Right To A Good Home: Morko and his dad are struggling at home. The children learn about the right to a basic standard of living. (4 min)
  • Episode 9: Respect My Beliefs: The children appreciate different cultures. Discrimination against Reema over her hijab is resolved. (5 min)
  • Episode 10: Don't Exploit Me: A neighbour takes advantage of Catherine, who learns the right to be protected from exploitation. (4 min)
  • Episode 11: Keep Me Safe: When Kate tells Catherine a secret, she learns the right to be safe and sees a counsellor. (6 min)
  • Episode 12: Know My Rights: Catherine tells the class about the Stolen Generations and all learn the importance of rights and responsibilities. (7 min)

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