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As the leader of any group, problems are inevitable. So how do you react? Do you lead with your gut or your head? This is the dilemma that the host of "Managing Me" grapples with. When problems arise at work, he can choose to react with either impulse or reason. As each situation plays out, the better reaction is clear. Viewers recognize that how you react often has a far greater impact - on morale, on retention, on productivity - than any specific problem ever could. The key to managing other people is learning how to manage you.

How you react has a far greater impact than any problem ever could.

Key Learning Points:
  • 1. Don't attack. Teach.
  • 2. Don't take sides. Mediate.
  • 3. Don't blame. Solve.
  • 4. Don't close doors. Open doors.
  • 5. Don't argue. Negotiate.
  • 6. Don't avoid. Confront.

Available in French: Se maîtriser soi-même

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