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From Take Away Training Series. These 11 titles provide skills for productive meetings and powerful presentations.

  • 10 Powerful Networking Skills
  • Common Facilitation Mistakes
  • Consulting Skills for Professionals
  • Controlling Meetings
  • Difficult Presentations Made Easy
  • Facilitation Skills
  • Leading Group Discussions
  • Making Committees More Effective
  • Public Speaking with Confidence
  • Setting Agendas and Taking Minutes
  • Understanding Group Dynamics

Does your role involve you in leading group discussions? If so you will want to ensure productive contributions, manage the group dynamics and achieve the planned outcomes. Facilitation means 'making it easy'. Learn to avoid five common mistakes that new and even experienced ...
This program is aimed at internal or external consultants - be they engineers, computer specialists, human resource experts or from any professional or technical background. Learn the four stages of professional consulting and hear practical advice on marketing, ethics, and ...
Ever thought how much time and energy is wasted because meetings do not efficiently achieve their goals? At last, a no-nonsense approach to managing meetings which looks at how to control the agenda, time, participation, difficult people, decision making, and also how to push for ...
Facilitation skills involve helping a group or team achieve something, solve a problem, make a decision or just communication more effectively. More and more people need these important skills - this program is the perfect introduction.
How do you get a 'dead' group going? What about dealing with overtalkative individuals? How do you steer a discussion? And what do you do when no-one asks questions? This program has the answers to these and other questions.
Is the bad reputation earned by many committees actually deserved? In this program, Damien Smith, lawyer and specialist in governance and performance, provides expert insight into forming new committees, revitalising existing committees and continuous improvement programs for ...
Whether you are giving a speech at a conference, a training session or a media interview, most people experience anxiety when speaking in public. Learn and use the techniques introduced in this program to improve your confidence and your performance.
Meetings can often be unproductive. Too many people don't need to be there, don't know why they are there, and when they are there don't take agreed actions. Eve Ash, psychologist, provides helpful tips for setting agendas and taking minutes: 1. Agendas need a clear ...
Most people have little or no understanding of group dynamics. Yet groups such as project or virtual teams are increasingly being used at work. If we want to manage or influence these groups, we need to understand group dynamics. Distinguish between content and ...

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