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Bob Farrell is back and he's giving out more pickles! Bob combines his passion for serving others with powerful leadership stories to create a memorable and motivating message for leaders of all kinds: Leaders are those who SERVE the people who SERVE the customer.

Employees need and want certain things from their leaders; if they get those things they will follow and achieve great things. If they dont, their belief and respect for you as a leader may begin to slip. Inspire your leaders to be the best they can be and provide them with the concepts they need to succeed.

Key Learning Points:
  • Spread ENTHUSIASM: Create a sense of urgency; Lend them your energy; Make things fun.
  • Inspire CONFIDENCE: Take the fear out of the future; Keep them well informed; Convince people to try
  • Demonstrate INTEGRITY: Your team is always watching; What they see is what you'll get; Do the right thing, whatever the cost

Available in French: Les Cornichons du Patron

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