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The natural world is filled with "moments of impact" -- the split seconds when animals come into contact with one another and the world around them. Previously many of these moments were too fast or too hidden for us to see. But now new camera technologies reveal what's behind these remarkable moments, and cutting edge animations illustrate the "inside story" of animal bioengineering that allows each moment of impact to take place. Program One: Hunters & Herds They are the scenes of some of the largest concentrations of predators and prey on the planet -- the vast tracts of grassland and savannah found on every continent but Antarctica. Yet survival in this kind of open, horizontal world is far from easy, with few places to hide, a scarcity of vegetation, drought, fire and the threat of attack by some of the world's fastest and most powerful hunters. From Africa's Serengeti to California's grasslands, some of nature's most dramatic moments are caught, examined and "fractured' into their unique parts.

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