Sale DVD CAD39.95

It is a canine caper when Murphy (Just Jesse the Jack), a charming pup with telepathic abilities, escapes a government scientist (Dominique Swain, Face/Off) and runs straight into the loving arms of two young brothers (Walker Mintz, Nessie and Me; and Jayden Hedden, Betrayed). But, the Washington brass will not give up their secret weapon so easily, and with a no-nonsense special forces agent hot on Murphy's trail (Lauren Parkinson, Avengers Grimm), the boys and their school buddies must hide the pint-sized Jack Russell Terrier from helicopters, drones, and their mom and dad (Amy Holt, I Am Singh; and Rib Hillis, General Hospital) who have forbidden them to have a pet! Can this unexpected team of heroes, armed with only their wits, their bikes, and a strong bond with Murphy, channel the real spirit of Christmas to save the day? Closed captioned. Dove Family Approved.

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