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A strong-willed but moody teenager Lizzy is sent to live on her grandmother's ranch after an incident at school gets her suspended. Her parents are optimistic that the new atmosphere and laid-back lifestyle in the country will bring her a more peaceful existence. Although reticent at first, Lizzy finally starts to unwind with the help of a nameless pony whom she calls Hope, one of the last remaining animals on the ranch. A sick horse and not eating properly, Hope responds to Lizzy who vows to learn everything she can to try and help nurse him back to health. Dove Family Approved.

One day while looking through the mail, Lizzy learns the unfortunate news that the ranch is about to be foreclosed. Not wanting to end her newly found friendship, she devises a plan that will not only save her grandmother's property, but also help Hope in the process.

A Horse Called Hope is a heartwarming story that shows what the power of love and family can do. It is a film about redemption, faith, fighting for your beliefs, and of course, hope!

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