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DVD 1: America's National Parks - Twenty-eight national parks from Alaska and Hawaii to Florida are presented in this stunning program. Visit the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Denali, and Everglades.

  • Extra Features: A montage of America's greatest scenery with the music of Mozart, Bach, and Tchaikovsky.
DVD 2: America's National Parks - Twenty-seven national parks from Maine and Texas to California are presented in this beautiful program. You will tour Acadia, Big Bend, Mesa Verde, the Petrified Forest, California's King's Canyon, and the newest national park: Colorado's Black Canyon of theGunnison.

DVD 3: Yellowstone: The World's First National Park - Tour Yellowstone's incredible geyser country, increasingthe famous Old Faithful. See the beauty of Yellowstone Falls and learn the fascinating story of how wolves have been reintroduced in the park.

  • Extra Features: Recreation; Pop Culture; Geology/Weather; Musical Serenades; Wolves of Yellowstone.
DVD 4: Grand Canyon: The World's Great Natural Wonder - This breathtaking journey takes you through the largest canyon on Earth. From intense whitewater rafting to a leisurely trip via pack-mule, Grand Canyon National Park offers an amazing diversity of recreation.

  • Extra Features: Recreation; Pop Culture; Geology/Weather; Musical Serenades.
DVD 5: Yosemite: The World's Most Spectacular Valley - Admire the massive rock formations of Half-Dome and El Capitan, immortalized by the photography of Ansel Adams. Discover the wealth of flora and fauna in this amazing National Park.

  • Extra Features: Recreation; Pop Culture; Geology/Weather; Musical Serenades; History; Easy Access.
DVD 6: Nature's Symphony - Enter an enthralling paradise of nature's most stunning spectacles and sounds of music by Tchaikovsky, Strauss Mozart, Puccini, Mussorgsky, and other great composers. Travel wintry alpine lakes and roaring waterfalls to lush spring meadows with colorful flowers. It is all here, nature's own symphony.

  • Extra Features: Composer Biographies; Mini Movies; Song Histories; Trivia.

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